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Posts from ‘October, 2008’

25th October 2008

Hello Thomas, It’s Saturday afternoon and we are sitting round the dining room table eating boiled eggs and marmite soldiers and talking about stuff.  Theo and Elliot are down and Harri is playing on his x-box live, think he is addicted to it, he is getting ready to play footie later !  Holly is coming […]

23rd October 2008

Hi Thomas, Sorry I haven’t written for over a week, I seem to have been very busy.  We have been doing lots of work and some podcasting,  It’s great to be busy but it doesn’t leave much time for anything else. How are you doing ?  How have you been doing at school ?  Are […]

8th October 2008

Hi Thomas! Just thought I would write to you today as it is goosey fair today and two years ago, you and me went to the fair, do you remember ?  I still have the little bear that you won, he sits next to my bedside and has bear hugs written on his paws.  The […]

3rd October 2008

Hi Thomas, How are you darling ?  What have you been up to ?  I have been looking for you this week, spent some time on the internet trying to find out a bit more about where you might be in Padstow.  It makes things very difficult because your dad wont contact me and tell […]