25th October 2008

Hello Thomas,

It’s Saturday afternoon and we are sitting round the dining room table eating boiled eggs and marmite soldiers and talking about stuff.  Theo and Elliot are down and Harri is playing on his x-box live, think he is addicted to it, he is getting ready to play footie later !  Holly is coming over later and we are going to have dinner after Harri has played footie.  I wish and wish you were here and then you could come to the football match, eat pasties and have hot chocolate with us.  We miss you so much Thomas.  I am going to start a blog about you and what has happened, I will send you the address when it’s up so you can go there one day and read all about what I am doing around you and you not being in my life.

Kitty is here and trying to walk on the laptop ! She walked over the phone yesterday while I was talking to someone and she pressed all the buttons and she cut us off!

We love and miss you very, very much.  Love you to infinity and beyond  Love Mummy x x x x x x x x x x xxxxxxxxxx x x x x xxxxxx xxxx

23rd October 2008

Hi Thomas,

Sorry I haven’t written for over a week, I seem to have been very busy.  We have been doing lots of work and some podcasting,  It’s great to be busy but it doesn’t leave much time for anything else.

How are you doing ?  How have you been doing at school ?  Are you settled in now and are you making new friends ?  I hope things at home are alright for you !  Have you made friends yet ?  Are you still playing football ?  How is your reading and writing coming along ?  I guess you just have to practice everyday to get better at those skills.

Harri is busy looking for a university to go to next year, he wants to do something around sports, surprise, surprise ! But I am really pleased that he has decided to do something with his talent.  Holly has started at uni and is doing extended science, she has been mixing up chemicals and looking at the reactions, you would love it!  We still have your chemistry box here in the loft,  are you still interested in chemistry ?

We went for a lovely bike ride a couple of weeks ago, we went from Yelverton and all the way over the moors, passed the golf course and through the tunnels, do you remember us doing that ride, you did so well, it is a long way !  It is the first proper bike ride I have had since my back operation and I was so proud of myself, I ached like mad the next day but it was worth it, the fact that I am able to move that much now is amazing, this time last year I couldn’t walk properly never mind ride a bike 🙂

I am missing you lots and lots, I have a lovely picture of you that Sam took of us at Eden, you must have grown loads since then but I keep it on my phone and see you everyday.  I love you very much, I hope you remember that.

By the way I saw Kay, she sends her love.

Love you Thomas, all my love, Mummy x x x x x  X X X

8th October 2008

Hi Thomas!

Just thought I would write to you today as it is goosey fair today and two years ago, you and me went to the fair, do you remember ?  I still have the little bear that you won, he sits next to my bedside and has bear hugs written on his paws.  The weather is nice today, sunny and blue sky which makes a change because it always seemed to rain on Goosey Fair day.

Just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you and am on the case to find you.

Love and miss you lots and lots and lots Thomas,

All my love to you Mummy x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

3rd October 2008

Hi Thomas,

How are you darling ?  What have you been up to ?  I have been looking for you this week, spent some time on the internet trying to find out a bit more about where you might be in Padstow.  It makes things very difficult because your dad wont contact me and tell me where you are.  I keep on trying to find you and then you can make your own choice about whether you see me or not. I will keep on looking for you sweetheart.

This week Kitty has had sore ears, Sid has been very loving – unusual for him. Holly has started to enjoy her university course, studying extended sciences, biology, chemistry and physics or and maths – I would not be very good at that lot but Holly shines at those subjects.  Holly found out that Martha is on the same course as her.  It’s Martha’s birthday next week, we got some pink fluffy slippers that you can warm in the microwave, they are so lovely, hope she likes them.  Talking of birthday presents, I have a card and some birthday money for you, I will just keep it for you till I  see you, you have two years worth of pressies now.

I have been busy with work and doing the tax 🙁 this week, still at least I have emptied out the filing tray.

Got to go now, Theo and Elliot are coming down for the first time in a month so have to get the room (which still has your things in) ready.

Love and miss you so very much Thomas,  all my love and millions of hugs Mummy x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x         x x x x x x x   x x x x  x x x  x x  x  x