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New online parental alienation survey

Respondents wanted for new online parental alienation survey Sue Whitcombe a British PhD student at the University of Teeside is conducting an online survey into parental alienation and would like respondents who have experienced an alienating parent: Denying or withholding direct contact with the absent parent Preventing indirect contact – letters, phone calls, texts or […]

What is parental alienation? Canada’s CTV News explains..

Want to know what Parental Alienation looks and feels like?  Watch CTV’s W5 Investigates Click the picture (left) to watch the the video. Tragic.  Just tragic that the hatred for the other parent is so much greater than their love for the child. It was too late for Pam Richardson’s son Dash.  You can find […]

Blended Families

Not only do we have a child that has been alienated, we are also a blended family.  Before my partner and I got together, we were both married and divorced,  he has two sons from that marriage and I had a daughter and a son from my first marriage and Thomas from my second marriage. […]


A fantastic resource, MATCHMOTHERS is a network of mothers who have been separated from their children for a variety of circumstances.  I urge you to join, they are so supportive.

A great parental alienation resource…….

I just found a really good website that covers alienation in simple and clear way.  The site has an assessment page which if you answer the questions will give a mark for the severity of the alienation you are suffering.   Also some good resources around what can be done to help or share […]

Dr Reena Sommer says effects of Parental Alienation syndrome is devastating….

Whilst looking for some legal help today, I came across Dr Reena Sommer’s website Dr Sommer writes about PAS with much experience behind her.  What really strikes me is the last paragraph: “PAS affected children also come to understand that the love and obedience they have for one parent is dependent upon their rejection […]

Parental Alienation Symptoms checklist

Dr. Gardner’s 8-point Parental Alienation symptom checklist I came across the symptoms of P.A. whilst desperately looking for some way to understand my son’s behaviour. I wanted to see if there was a way to help him come to terms with being shared. Thomas was ‘acting out’ more and more and it was obvious that […]

Parental Alienation Lecture from Dr. Amy Baker

Thank you Dr. Baker for validating my experience of parental alienation Whilst looking online for PA sites, I came across Dr Baker who has made a study of adult children who suffered from parental alienation, she interviewed 40 adult children and has done much research on PA. It was so very validating for me to […]